Cats + Dogs + Horses  a natural nerve tonic to promote & support:

  • Better emotional wellbeing
  • Relaxation & calmness
  • Nervous system health
  • Lessening of separation anxiety, grief or feeling overwhelmed
  • Soothing effect for hyper-excitability pets
  • Calmness for fearful, anxious pets
  • Restful sleep
  • Adrenal health (fight & flight response)
  • Travel tranquility & unwinding stress

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Liver, Blood,
Skin & Detox

Liver-Blood-Skin-DetoxCats + Dogs  for detox, skin health &  digestion

  • Helps reduce skin itching, breakouts & skin biting
  • Promotes healthier skin & eyes
  • Detoxing can improve energy levels 
  • Reduced congestion after detoxing
  • Better digestion & absorption aid
  • Fluid retention balance support
  • Healthy bowel movement aid
  • Greater feeling of wellbeing

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OUCH! Pain Support + Mobility Drops


Cats + Dogs + Humans  to help relieve discomfort

  • Promotes reduction of aching anywhere in the body
  • Joint stiffness & lack of mobility support w
  • Contains Turmeric valued for it's anti-inflammatory & health promoting action after injury
  • Supports better digestion & ease of movement 
  • Whenever there is an Ouch! moment reach for this remedy!

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Itchy Skin


Cats + Dogs + Horses + Humans to help soothe & relieve skin itch & bites

  • Natural germ busting herbs + colloidal silver 
  • Soothing support for itchy skin
  • Mild anti-inflam herbal action tto lessen scratching
  • Encourages healing
  • Calming & relieving irritated & weeping  skin
  • Suitable for cuts, burns, wounds & small ulcers
  • Insect bite relief - handy to have on hand ready for instant use

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Everyday Wellness
Longevity Tonic


Cats + Dogs + Horses supporting

  • A feeling of wellbeing
  • Skin, fur,  nail & hoof health
  • Joint & mobility health
  • To promote  better blood flow & aid digestion
  • Cardio-vascular & cerebro-vascular health 
  • Ailing pets to assist in maintaining better health
  • Pick me up antioxidant tonic for older and debilitated pets - even pets benefit form antioxidants!
  • Promoting eye health

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Flea KIT

Cats + Dogs

Natural Flea Kit  contains traditional remedy + powder to mix into wet food to discourage feas

  • NZ Native Plant Remedy Kawakawa + traditional flea & parasite remedy Black Walnut  
  • Nutritional yeast fortified with valuable Vitamin B12. 
  • Promoting health & wellbeing while discouraging fleas

Your pets will love you for it!

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Flea &
Intestinal Worms


Cats  +  Dogs  to promote natural support for parasite & flea control.  We recommend the Natural Flea Kit for Fleas. Symptoms that may indicate parasites include:

  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Bloating or distended stomach
  • Coughing for no apparent reason
  • Poor appetite
  • Nasal discharge
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Skin & Ear Itch

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My Moggie - I have a 17 year old cat who suffers from arthritis and hyper-thyroidism. Recently I started her on the Natural Pet Remedy Store "Everyday Wellbeing" and the remedy for "Stiffness and aching joints". I put a couple of drops of each in her water bowl each day. Within a couple of weeks I noticed that she had put on a little weight (much needed) and her fur was in better condition. Also, her left shoulder, which has been quite swollen and causing her leg to twist a little, is improved and she is able to walk straighter. Even the vet commented on how good she looked on her last visit. Thank you!....

Vida Auckland

I have an elderly (11+) and much loved sheep by the name of Monty. He was raised by a local preschool and, unfortunately, was obese before he was even a year old, (which is when he came to live with us). I believe that his childhood obesity has had a detrimental effect on his poor old joints and, in his old age, arthritis has kicked with a vengeance.  Over the last year or so he has slowly become less mobile due to his obvious discomfort. The vet prescribed Metacam, which I inject into him every night and have done so for about 6 months or so, it seems to take the edge off, but not as much as I had expected or hoped.

I started using The Natural Pet Remedy Store product called Stiffness Aching Pain drops for  about a three weeks ago and I now have a much happier sheep and everyone has noticed a big difference! Monty is definitely more comfortable and is able to get up and down without his usual hesitation, he even walked all the way around the barn the other day – something he hasn’t done for months!! Today I started giving it to my 37 year old mare Sundance as I am sure it will help her old bones as well!

Thanks Natural Pet Remedies Store!!