About Us

Natural Pet Remedies store was created by Debs Chase-Paterson (Naturopath/Herbalist) in response to clients requesting natural health remedy support for their pets and was originally produced under the NZ Kiwikitz label in 2011 then later as it's own identity under the Natural Pet Remedy Store label 

Clients reported ongoing issues with their pet’s skin, joint mobility problems, post injury support, separation anxiety issues and distressing symptoms happening to their aging cats and dogs.

Among the requests for natural pet remedies, my clients were highlighting the need for natural intestinal parasite remedies and natural flea control for pets. Thus Natural Pet Remedies Store was created to meet this need.

Natural Pet Remedy Store provides a natural flea control kit plus 6 natural pet products that provide multiple benefits in each remedy and this is demonstrated in the information supplied with every product. The products are very easy to use as they can be added to food or water or put directly into the pets mouth – surprisingly pets seem to enjoy the taste! The products are designed to be used either for acute issues or chronic problems where a maintenance program can be used.

Natural pet remedies store is a one stop online shop as the 6 products can be matched to many symptoms.

Please note: Natural pet remedies are sutiable for cats and dogs and some remedies are also suitable for horses and even humans!