ITCHY SKIN Reliever Spray for Pets

New ITCHY SKIN Reliever Spray for Pets

THE NATURAL PET REMEDIES STORE Itchy Skin Relieving Spray for pets

A natural itchy skin spray to soothe & relieve skin itching & insect bites.  For Cats + Dogs + Horses + Humans too!    

Recommended to have on hand for instant use when needed.  The colloidal silver base combined with specific herbs, can be used for rash, broken skin, itchy skin, skin irritation and to promote skin mending. Please find below a list of the herbal extracts we have used in these drops to help reduce that annoying itch or irritated skin that causes distress and discomfort to pets and pet owners alike:

St Johns Wort

Soothing and healing, the American Indians used this herb topically for wounds, bites and skin problems.  During the American civil war, St Johns Wort was much valued for primary wound treatment. St Johns Wort contains potent free radical fighting flavonoids and hypericin which has anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal plus anti-inflammatory properties.


Chickweeds demulcent action (soothes mucous membranes) and astringent and contains valuable minerals including iron.  Topically, chickweed is used for insect bites, most chronic skin ailments, burns, sores and wounds.

Aloe Vera

Commonly used for most common acute and chronic skin disorders and wound care.  Aloe vera is used topically for insect bites and stings, shingles, cuts, burns & small ulcers, to relieve sunburn and skin itching.  Aloe vera was used by the Egyptian healers since 1500 BC as a soothing emollient and for rapid skin healing.

Colloidal Silver

Effective in the treatment of many infectious disorders (William E Briggs), colloidal silver has been safely used for well over 100 years. .In the early 1900’s, colloidal silver was used when dealing with burns patients and as a natural form of antibiotic.  With the introduction of penicillin, colloidal silver was gradually replaced because of the expense during the Great Depression area. Colloidal silver is a valuable component of this blend as its topical use aids healing and immune protection for fungal infections, virus and bacterial infections, open wounds and burns.  Colloidal silver can be used with any skin ailment. 


Sourced from the flower petals, Calendula contains high amounts of flavanoids that provide plant based anti-oxidants to protect the body against cell damaging free radicals. Calendula when used topically has anti-fungal  anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects.  Traditionally Calendula has been used to speed the healing process and is often used in tinctures and topically for infections resulting from burns, bruises and cuts and to promote rapid healing of skin conditions including acne, herpes lesions, insect bites and skin that is irritated or inflamed and Calendula is used to mend ruptured skin more quickly and is excellent for the lymphatic system. 


Turmeric is a favoured Ayurvedic herb with cleansing and antioxidant properties internally and externally.  Internally, Turmeric has a beneficial effect on the liver & gall bladder (stimulates bile to help fat digestion); helps to protect the liver from the effects of pharmaceutical drug medications and was used to keep food fresh due to its antioxidant properties.  Turmeric is also shown in a laboratory setting to fight protozoan.  Used topically, Turmeric is found in most Ayurvedic skin healing preparations and more specifically for chronic skin conditions as a valued free radical fighting and healing antioxidant and for healing after skin trauma and injury.


We have diluted the lavender essential oil especially for topical use for our pet spray.  Because lavender is used extensively in aromatherapy as balancing, soothing and as a purifying oil, this adds value to this blend.  Lavender as a common topical treatment provides analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-depressant and anti-viral properties.  In addition, Lavender smells good!

heart Loving our pets naturally using home remedy herbs for itchy pets

Please note - Pregnant & lactating pets should avoid herbal remedies unless specifically adviced by your health professional.  Natural Pet Remedies Store herbal drops are designed to support better health & wellbeing and not designed as a replacement for prescribed medication from your Veterinarian 

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