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Why Detox your pet?

We believe pets benefit from detoxing by improving liver & kidney function,  just like humans do when they detox
Did you know that itchy skin and other unhelpful symptoms can arise when your pet's liver is not operating as effectively as it could be?  Promoting better intestinal flora is really important as pets need to have good intestinal bacteria and far less of the unhelpful bacteria in their gut in order to maintain optimum health. 

Comprehensive herbal detoxing may support better skin health, promote healing & support digestive health 

We recommend dosing with the Liver, Blood & Skin Detox at least once year - just like humans! 

How to use?
Easy! Mix with wet food,  add to pet's water or put drops directly in mouth (diluted or undiluted)

Chihuahua, puppies or kittens?
Chihuahua, puppies, very small cats or kittens need lower doses.  We recommend 1-5 drops a day

Please find below, list of herbals used in this product: 

Burdock is a favourite home remedy. Burdock herb is specific  for skin (cleansing) and useful when a sluggish digestion has led to a toxin overload. Burdock is naturally high in vitamin, iron and is recognized as one of the best sources of minerals.  Because Burdock is a depuritive (blood purifier) herb, it is widely used as an effective traditional remedy for skin eruptions & acne.  Burdock is a mild laxative & is antiseptic.  

A traditional liver & digestive tonic, hepatic & stimulates bile flow.  Dandelion is commonly used for chronic skin conditions, stiff and painful joints & excess fluid.  Dandelion does not cause potassium loss (unlike many diuretics)    

Milk Thistle
This time proven herb assists in protecting the liver, stimulates bile flow, increases milk flow, has antiviral  action and has been shown to prevent toxic chemicals from damaging liver tissue.  Milk thistle is a liver cleansing tonic.  

Kumarahou NZ native herb 
Kumarahou is an alterative, which means it helps the body detox waste products that have been built up in the body and is valued traditionally as not only a blood purifier to assist with skin problems, including sores and rash, but for bronchial system health, urinary health & joint mobility (due to its valuable flavonoid content including anti-inflammatory quercetin).  Kumarahou is a gentle remedy used so suitable for aging pets and the very young.  Early pharmacists in New Zealand used Kumarahou in the 1800’s. 

A common remedy used widely in pet health remedies.  Yarrow is a bitter digestive tonic tand supports immune function and health generally.  Yarrow aids in the elimination of toxins and waste through increased urine output and sweat.  Yarrow may be helpful for easing irritation of the skin and infection when your pets scratches and bites at its skin. Yarrow has a calming effect on the mucous membranes and promotes healing. 

Clivers is an effective diuretic and depurative which improves detoxification of accumulated waste and lymphatic congestion in the body and is a mild astringent commonly used for skin ailments and supporting healing of urinary tract infections and kidney and gallbladder gravel.   Being naturally high in silica, Clivers is good for the hair, nails and skin health

Sensible Precautions
Pregnant & lactating pets should avoid all herbal remedies unless specifically advised.  Natural Pet Remedies Store herbal drops are designed to support better health & well-being and not designed as a replacement for prescribed medication from your Veterinarian  

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