Natural support kit for fleas, contains 2 products which include a blend of herbals (Supporting Herbals for Fleas & Worm drops) plus a powder that can be taken or rubbed into pet's fur to discourage fleas on Cats + Dogs 

  • Natural Support KIT for fleas (1) for Cats or small dogs
  • Natural Support KIT for fleas (2) Medium to large dogs dogs + multiple cats or dogs in a household

Our Natural Support Kit for fleas is designed to discourage fleas on cats and dogs and not intended as a replacement for prescribed worming/parasite treatment from your Veterinarian. 

What does this kit contain?
The Supporting Herbals for Flea & worm drops in the Natural Pet Remedies Store range, is part of the natural home remedy for discouraging fleas on cats and dogs. This support kit was designed to help repel fleas with added natural worming support at the same time. 

How do you use the Natural Support Kit for Fleas?
Herbal: the dosage of the herbal blend is by the drop and  shown on the label (puppies + kittens dose shown below).  These drops can be added to water, wet food or directly in the mouth. 
Powder: the powder can be added to wet food or sprinkled over food at the same time or rubbed into pets fur.  Ony a pinch is required (puppies + kitten use shown below).

Chihuahua, puppies or kittens?
We recommend 1-5 drops a day for chihuahua, puppies, very small cats or kittens which can be dosed from 6 weeks onwards.  We recommend dosing 1-2 drops for kittens or 3-5 drops for puppies depending on size.  Powder can be used every second day

Economical!  After using the natural support flea kit daily initially, the contents will then be dropped down to a maintenance dose 1-3 a week.  After 3 months we recommend having a month break, if using the kit again.

Pregnant & lactating pets should avoid all herbal remedies unless specifically advised.  Natural Pet Remedies Store herbal drops are designed to support and not designed as a replacement for prescribed medication from your Veterinarian 

Specifically formulated pet products based on home remedies for fleas.  Our products are free of additives and fillers and made for kiwi pets

heart Please note our rongoa maori ma te mokai are intended to support and not to cure, treat or control.


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