Fleas & Intestinal Worm natural remedy for Cats + Dogs + Chickens

Natural Pet Remedies Store has produced a  herbal worming remedy for cats & dogs and can be used for naturally worming chickens too.  The Flea & Intestinal worm drops can be used when cats & dogs are midly infested with fleas and is included in the Natural Flea Kit.  The Natural Flea Kit is for more comprehensive natural flea control and recommended if needing stronger flea repelling support or wanting a longer term solution or maintenance program for your pet. 

Parasite infestation may impair absorption of nutrients from food.  Different parasites create specific problems for example; a tapeworm can stop Vitamin B12 from being absorbed in the intestines.  Others may cause problems with the cilia that in turn may interfere with nutrient absorption such as the valuable B Vitamin group. 

Intestinal worming support - we recommend these drops are taken for up to 6 weeks or 8 weeks for larger animals if you suspect your pet has intestinal worms.  Then the products can be used again in 3 months or as required.  A maintenance dose of 1 -3 times a week can be employed if required to take these drops longer than 6-8 weeks with a short break every 3 months. 

Natural flea control support program - if your pet is vulnerable to flea infestation, we recommend that your pet goes on to our home remedy for fleas, our Natural Flea Kit which is more specific for discouraging fleas in the long term.  

Chihuahua, puppies or kittens?Chihuahua, puppies or kittens?
Chihuahua, puppies, very small cats or kittens need lower doses.  We recommend 1-5 drops a day

Natural worming for adult chickens?
My little laying hen became very unwell.  She was hanging her head, fluffing her feathers and crouching on the ground, looking sad.  She lost her appetite and seemed unable to climb up on her perch with her friend, so she slept on the ground instead.  Out of desperation I gave her this Intestinal worming remedy by diluting 2 drops in a little water and squirting it into her beak.  On the 4th day, she ran up to greet me when I called.

Recommended dose for chickens: 2 drops in water daily for a week

This blend has depurative and anti-parasitic action and contains the following herbs:

NZ Native Kawakawa

Kawakawa helps the body detox waste products that have been built up in the bodyand has anthelmintic action (helps expel intestinal worms).  Traditionally, Kawakawa is used as a tonic for digestive complaints, is a mild antiseptic and a traditional blood cleanser for skin ailments, including boils and any skin eruptions.  

Black Walnut

The green hulls are prepared in the form of a herbal extract.  Black Walnut has a long history in herbal medicine as a specific for treating intestinal worms including common round worms and pinworms.  Black Walnut is also indicated for resistant skin conditions. Black walnut is a valuable addition to this natural worming remedy and provides nutritional value including natural iodine, chromium and astringent tannins.  Black walnut has antiseptic properties and has been traditionally valued when used for ringworm and varied skin infections.

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heart Our natural pet intestinal worming and flea drops are made in NZ based on home remedies for pets using traditional preparation methods, free of additives and fillers.  

Please note - Pregnant & lactating pets should avoid herbal remedies unless specifically adviced by your health professional.  Natural Pet Remedies Store herbal drops are designed to support better health & wellbeing and not designed as a replacement for prescribed medication from your Veterinarian 

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