Natural Flea Products for your pet are specifically formulated to support natural flea control for Cats + Dogs 

  • Natural Flea KIT (1) for Cats + Small dogs
  • Natural Flea KIT (2) Medium to large dogs Dogs + Multiple Cats or Dogs in a household
  • Includes herbal Intestinal worm drops with a nutritional powder that also repels fleas that can be used iin food or rubbed into pets fur

Our Natural Flea Kit was designed from a home remedy for fleas and is highly recommended especially when cats & dogs have ongoing skin issues and low tolerance to over the counter flea preparations. Your pet will thank you for it!

The complete natural flea control kit provides concentrated natural home remedies for fleas - free of additives.  The dosage is by the drop. This can be added to water, wet food or directly in the mouth.  Cats may or may not like the taste and mixing with wet food would be a better option for them. 

The Flea & Intestinal Worm herbal remedy is part of the natural home remedy for fleas kit alongside a nutritional powder rich in Vitamin B12. This gives support as a comprehensive natural flea control with the added benefits of providing extra nutrition plus natural worm support at the same time.  

Chihuahua, puppies or kittens?
Chihuahua, puppies, very small cats or kittens need lower doses.  We recommend 1-5 drops a day.

heart Specifically formulated pet products based on home remedies for fleas and worms.  Our products are free of additives and fillers and made for kiwi pets.  Our products include:
7 home remedies for dogs of all sizes with instructions on the labels
7 home remedies for cats 
4 home remedies for horses 

We recommend the Ouch remedy for aging goats with reduced mobility or painful joints
Our natural worming remedy can be used for dosing adult chickens by dosing 2 drops diluted in a little water for 4-7 days

Please note -Unsuitable for horses due to the Black Walnut.   Pregnant & lactating pets should avoid herbal remedies unless specifically adviced by your health professional.  Natural Pet Remedies Store herbal drops are designed to support better health & wellbeing and not designed as a replacement for prescribed medication from your Veterinarian 


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