Optional Dilute Bottle

New Optional Dilute Bottle
  • Handy if wanting to dilute & dispense directly into corner of mouth
  • Add water plus required drops
  • Fussy pet? The perfect solution for dosing that extra finicky pet 
  • Kind method of dosing elderly pets, when appetite is reduced

Sometimes pets just don't want to know!  Other pets relish their drops and hang around for more.

Our handy dispensing bottle is a great way to dose pets kindly.  Just add a little water and count out the drops, then put the insert in halfway so it is easy to remove after dosing.  Shake then insert into the corner of your pets mouth.  Just wash and reuse over and over again. Can be used for natural pet remedies store herbal remedies and medication too (if thoroughly washed afterwards) 

This dosing solution idea came from one of our clients who has a super fussy cat! Thank you

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