Can pets have Oats?

We have put together some useful information to keep your pets happy and healthy with the focus on replying to the many questions around oats for cats & dogs?


Can my Cat or Dog eat Oats?
Yes indeed both cats and dogs can eat oats as long as the oats are mixed in water rather than in milk as many pets are lactose intolerant and need to avoid milk.  Oats are best cooked for a few minutes or presoaked overnight in water then mixed with wet food or given alone.  Excellent as an occassional food rather than daily.

What are the Benefits of Oats for my Pet?
Oatmeal or oat bran have more benefit for dogs than cats and is especially useful for digestive issues including slow or congested bowel. Oats are a nutritive food containing most Vitamin B's plus folic acid.  Important minerals in oats are helpful for strong bones, teeth and nails including iron , zinc (excellent for healthy fur and skin) and manganese (bones & thyroid).  The beneficial fibre in oats help lower cholesterol levels and supports better blood sugar balance.  

Oats for Overweight Dogs
Oats contain protein and a particular soluable fibre which is really helpful for overweight pets and best of all, they feel really satisfied and full after eating.  So if choosing a grain and wanting to get away from gluten drenched grains, consider oats as a better choice for your pet cat and more importantly for your dog. 

Oat Seed for Calming Nervous or Skittish Pets for Cats, Dogs & Horses
Oat seed made into a herbal extract is a natural home remedy for cats & dogs plus very valuable for pets that have a nervous temperament or pets that have experienced stress, grief or trauma.  

The main herbal action of oat seed is as a nervine tonic.  Thats why Natural Pet Remedies Store have included an instant home remedy for pets in our range containing valuable concentrated Oat seed extract.  Check out our natural Pet Soother  Stress & Anxiety Soother instant drops smiley 

This blend is recommended for your Cat, Dog or even your Horse!  Taken by the drop, this remedy can be added to wet food or drink or simply put in the mouth.  The Natural Pet Remedies Store product Stress & Anxiety Soother (now called Pet Soother) is a handy home remedy to have on hand as it is also helpful when travelling or when your pet is experiencing anxiety when separating from you.  Please check out our product page if you want to know more.

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