Pets scared of fireworks?

Tips to keep your pet calm during fireworks

Fireworks and pets are not a good combination as pet owners know too well. some pets hide when fireworks start or run around becoming increasingly distressed.  These tips will help keep your pet chilled out  and relaxed despite the noise and stress.

  • Keep me indoors even if I am normally an outside pet

  • Stay with me so I feel safe knowing you are nearby

  • Give me a special treat as a distraction

  • Have music or other sounds to help mask the noise

  • Prepare me a week before by dosing me with my calming Pet Soother drops

  • Give me an extra dose of my relaxing Pet Soother drops the night of the fireworks

Stress & Anxiety Soother instant drops  My instant home remedy for fireworks fear, stress, anxiousness and especially when I am going to be home alone