Questions Answered

Natural Pet Remedies store was created by Debs Chase-Paterson (Naturopath/Herbalist) in response to clients requesting natural health remedy support for their pets and was originally produced under the Kiwikitz NZ label in 2011 then later as it's own identity under the Natural Pet Remedy Store website in 2018. 

Clients were reporting ongoing issues with itchy skin, joint mobility, stress when being left alone.  Many clients requested a tonic for aging cats and dogs too. Among the requests for natural pet remedies, clients were highlighting the need for natural parasite herbals and flea control for pets. Thus Natural Pet Remedies Store was created to meet this need.

Customer feedback demonstrates that the time frame depends entirely on what the drops are being used for & the general condition of your pet i.e. a pet badly infested with parasites or fleas will naturally take longer to manage than a pet who has fewer fleas.  Some pet owners report a significant difference very quickly and others report a more gradual change. 

Sometimes two different products can make a difference especially when pets are experiencing issues like itchy skin, where we recommend both the  Liver, Blood, Skin Detox drops plus the Itchy Skin Spray.  Furthermore, we would recommend the Natural Flea Kit to minimise the chemicals that the pet is ingesting or exposed to on their skin.

Like humans, pets benefit greatly from detoxing and supporting better liver function.  This in turn supports better digestive health and the ability for pets to absorb nutrients and to promote balanced intestinal flora

In most cases, the natural pet remedy you give your pet is used for a specific purpose then no longer needed.  An example would be the Ouch! drops for pain support or the Liver, Blood Skin Detox drops that we recommend taking twice a year to promote better health or when experiencing skin irritation.  However, if your pet is requiring ongoing support, the products can be taken up to 3 months then ceased for a month then restarted on the maintenance dose of 1-3 x weekly. As the natural pet products have a long shelf life they can be stored in a darkened place and can be used again as required.  

When your pet has fleas, we recommend using the Natural Flea Kit initially, then a follow up maintenance dose of once or twice a week as instructed on label.  The feedback we have suggests that this cycle is the best way of managing fleas naturally. 

All products can be used by cats and dogs and the pet products that have a horse on the front of the label show that they are able to be given to horses as well.  Goats can use the Ouch stiffness, aching pain drops and this herbal blend may be particularly helpful for joint mobility

Chihuahua, tiny dogs and very small cats, need to reduce the drop dose down to 1-5 drops maximum once a day only. 

Natural Pet Remedies Store  herbal extracts are manufactured the traditional way in New Zealand with methods that may include the use of vegetable glycerine, alcohol and water.  

Your Veterinarian is the expert on animal health.  Natural Pet Remedies Store seek to support better health and wellbeing and are not intended as a replacement for prescribed medication.  Taking pets off prescribed medication without consulting your veterinarian can be an unsafe practice and is not recommended.